Terms and conditions 條款與細則

  1. The membership applies to all RoboWash Station,however under extreme weather conditions, maintenance, special traffic arrangement and etc, the station may not provide service, or only able to provide limited service without prior notice. 此會藉適用於所有分店,但有關分店可能會因應特別情況(店舖維修,工程,道路臨時交通安排及惡劣天氣等)而暫時未能提供服務,或提供有限度服務而未能作預先通知。

  2. The membership offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, coupons or promotional offers, unless otherwise specified. 此會藉不得與其他優惠共同使用,包括但不限於折扣,優惠卷,推廣優惠等,除非列明可用則不受限。

  3. The membership cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods. 此會藉不得兌換現金或貨品。

  4. Service entitled by the membership can be used once per day only. 此會藉包含的服務每天只限使用一次。

  5. The offers are not applicable to non-passenger vehicle like TAXI. 此會藉不適用於商用車輛如的士。

  6. The membership is bound to one vehicle upon registration, identified by the vehicle registration mark or VIN. 此會藉只限一個車牌(須為同一車輛識別號)使用。

  7. The membership is validity starts upon issuance. 此會藉由會員卡發放即日生效。

  8. Each service is subjected to its further service agreement and disclaimer, not attached here, for related information, please contact customer service. 此會藉包含的服務有其服務條款及免責聲明,詳情請向客戶服務主任了解。

  9. Upon purchases of the membership, there will be no refund. Applicant / Member should review if their vehicle is suitable for service or not. 購買此會藉一經購買,不設退款;申請人需自行評估車輛是否適合使用本司服務。

  10. The membership is non transferrable. 會藉不得轉讓。

  11. Definition of automatic coating carwash service includes automatic carwash by contactless carwash machine or brush carwash machine or tunnel carwash machine. Both of which do not includes rim wash. Towel drying is a free added service as part of carwash service. 自動鍍膜洗車服務包括無接觸洗車服務,有接觸洗車服務(滾筒洗車機,隧道式洗車機等)。

  12. Definition of automatic rim wash service includes rim wash by automatic rim wash machine, from either standalone automatic rim wash machine or the automatic rim washing feature in carwash machine. 自動洗軨系統定義為使用獨立的洗軨系統,或洗車系統中的洗軨系統。

  13. After the validity of this membership, member is required to renew by their own. 會藉完結時,會員需要自行聯絡本司續會安排。

  14. Upon losing or damage of the membership, please contact RoboWash for a replacement, $300 administrative fee will applied, the new car will be ready within 7 working days, the expiry date will not be postponed. 補領或換領遺失的會藉卡需另外收取$300行政費及新卡需時7工作天才會發放,到期日不會因此而改變。

  15. All membership offers cannot be used in specific dates like Lunar New Year Festival, Lunar New Year Eve, Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, Winter Solstice, dates subject to announcement from website or facebook page. 所有會藉優惠不適用指定日期,如農曆新年,年宵,元旦前夕,聖誕節前夕,冬至,指定日期更改將於官網或專頁上公告;詳情以官網公告為準。

  16. If there are any conflict of terms between the English version, the English version shall prevail. 如本協議條款與英文版本出現任何抵觸,則以英文版本為凖。

  17. The company reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms which shall be updated regularly. For the detailed version of the terms of service, please refer to the company's official website (www.robowashhk.com) or contact the customer service officer (+852 9211 5822) for inquiries. 本司保留條款的最終解釋權並定期更新,詳細版本的服務條款可參閱本司官網(www.robowashhk.com),或聯絡客戶服務主任(+852 9211 5822)查詢。